About ACA Compliance Group


ACA Compliance Group (“ACA”) is a leading provider of risk management and technology solutions that focus on regulatory compliance, performance, financial crime, and cybersecurity. We partner with our clients to help them mitigate the regulatory, operational, and reputational risks inherent in their business functions. Our clients include leading investment advisers, private fund managers, commodity trading advisors, investment companies, broker-dealers, and domestic and international banks.

Our products include standard and customized compliance packages; cybersecurity, AML, and risk assessments; GIPS® verifications and other performance services; and a wide variety of business advisory and technology solutions for financial services firms.


Rob Stype
Founder | CEO

Ted Eichenlaub
Founder | Partner, Co-head US Compliance

Wayne Grubbs
Partner, Global CFO

Glen Froio
Partner, Technology Solutions

Raj Bakhru
Partner, Cybersecurity and Risk

Salvatore Cangialosi
Partner, Head of ACA Telavance

Jeff Morton
Founder | Partner, Global Sales and Marketing

Damon Zappacosta
Partner, Head of Sales

Justin Guthrie
Partner, Performance

Ron Weekes
Partner, ACA Compliance Europe

Steve Adams

Matt Steinhilber
General Counsel

Krissy Kennedy
Managing Director, Marketing

Noelle Tironi
Managing Director, Human Resources