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ACA's Decryptex® provides in-depth trade surveillance to help identify items of interest and non-compliant trading and investment activity. The system offers a case management tool that can track and store emails, reports, and research related to each investigation.

With regulators adopting cutting-edge trading surveillance tools — and handing out record-breaking fines resulting from their discoveries — our surveillance technology will help you match their efforts and take control of your own trade data.


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ACA Decryptex trade surveillance software

  • Identifies items of interest based on algorithmic searches across multiple liquid asset classes, including equities, derivatives, currencies, and fixed income
  • Easily and efficiently performs trade, position, and market surveillance from a single platform
  • Provides a full case management system for documenting compliance investigations
  • Provides the ability to visualize and drill down your trading activity when compared to corporate actions
  • Allows you to toggle between an item of interest and its overlying portfolio to better qualify risk
  • Ability to separate the position of interest from other holdings
  • Provides easy reporting for regulatory inquiries
  • Can integrate with the NorthPoint Data Warehouse or a third-party provider to help ensure that trade surveillance search algorithms use consistent, high-quality data



Decryptex gives you the tools to better know and understand your data. It provides a full trading and market data monitoring solution that can:

Detect  →  Discover anomalous activity through algorithmic search

Investigate  →  Use forensic analysis and proprietary visualizations

Document  →  Drag and drop information into a full case management system

Resolve  →  Escalate or dismiss items of interest with confidence

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