Financial Technology Consulting Services

Financial Technology Consulting Services

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ACA Technology provides consulting services to investment managers and financial services firms. Our consulting team has in-depth expertise in project management, business analysis, consulting, technology, client engagement and management, and front-, mid-, and back-office financial services, working with firms that have global market reach and offices in different time zones. This unique combination of experience and knowledge allows us to quickly review and analyze our clients’ business needs and challenges and implement a tailored consulting services engagement with minimal ramp-up time.

How We Help - Reviews

technology platform review

Technology Platform Review

We analyze how your technology is supporting your firm to determine what
operational efficiencies can be improved by technology and process.

operations technology review

Operations / Technology Review

We review the current state of your technology platform, conduct a gap analysis, and make recommendations for improvement. Recommendations can include changes to system configurations, custom development needs, and system replacement.

data mgmt review

Data Management Review

We provide an assessment of your overall data management system, insight into how you compare to your peers, and guidance on data governance, data lineage, data validation, audit/control, archiving procedures, and disaster recovery. We determine how the data management solution is being used and whether the entire organization has confidence in the data.

code review

Code Review

We perform a code review on proprietary, in-house technology to help your firm ensure documentation, source code controls, and disaster recovery are consistent with industry standards.

trade allocation review

Trade Allocation Review

We back-test trade allocations and review systems to determine whether workflows programmatically ensure fair and equitable treatment over time.

How We Help - Business Support

implementation of portfolio compliance rules

Implementation of Portfolio Compliance Rules

Our consultants have a strong understanding of portfolio compliance rules, such as the ’40 Act Rules (SEC & IRS), and the practical business experience required to implement these. ACA can implement compliance rules within ACA’s NorthPoint Investment Management System and NorthPoint Data Management Solutions, as well as other commercially available order management systems, such as Charles River Development, Eze OMS, Bloomberg AIM, etc.

recalculation of performance metrics

Recalculation of Performance Metrics

We can recalculate performance leveraging components of the NorthPoint Platform or a third-party platform or bespoke performance application. The effort is typically data focused and requires data reconciliation, cleansing, normalization, and validation.

business analysis

Business Analysis

Our consultants have 10-15+ years of business experience and have a combination of strong business knowledge (trading, operations, and compliance) and technology expertise.

report writing

Report Writing/Validation

Our consultants have expertise in reporting and/or data visualization solutions, such as SSRS, SAP Business Reports (Crystal Reports), Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, or Vermillion.

bespoke software development

Bespoke Software Development

ACA can develop an end-to-end solution as well as provide user training, comprehensive documentation, and knowledge transfer. Ongoing support can be transferred to back to the client or ACA can support the application on an ongoing basis through a support agreement.

staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation

ACA can provide temporary developers or project managers when needed. These roles can be filled on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on the need.