NorthPoint Data Management Solutions

NorthPoint Data Management Solutions

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ACA's NorthPoint Data Management Solutions provide aggregated and consistent security, trading, reference, pricing, and other data to improve performance, reduce risk, and increase efficiency, all for a lower overall total cost of ownership. Our solutions are compatible with third-party systems, service providers, and data feeds.


NorthPoint Data Management Solutions


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Security Master

The NorthPoint Security Master is a single point of control for managing securities terms and conditions, reference entities, and market data.

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Price Master

The NorthPoint Price Master provides the NorthPoint IMS with a centralized pricing methodology that ensures pricing consistency to any module connected to the platform.

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Data Warehouse

The NorthPoint Data Warehouse aggregates trading, performance, risk, and company data into a single, easy-to-use platform coupled with full Knowledge Date support.

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Performance Engine

The NorthPoint Performance Engine calculates performance across multiple time periods, calculation methodologies, and multi-level aggregations, allowing for the seamless calculation, presentation, and analysis of performance data from one platform.

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NorthPoint IMS Integration

NorthPoint Data Management Solutions fully integrate with the NorthPoint Investment Management System.

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Managed Services

Tailored support for the NorthPoint IMS and NorthPoint Data Management Solutions

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