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NorthPoint Investment Management System

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ACA's NorthPoint Investment Management System (NorthPoint IMS) is a centralized platform that includes trade order and portfolio management, trading compliance, and security, reference, and market data management functionality, as well as support for all asset classes and multiple investment strategies. The NorthPoint IMS integrates with ACA’s NorthPoint Data Management Solutions, including the Data Warehouse and Price Master, and the ACA Regulatory Reporting platform.

NorthPoint Investment Management System IMS

  • Highly configurable, dynamic platform designed to fit various business processes and strategy workflows
  • Multi-asset class, multi-strategy support
  • Single source of real-time security, position, p&l, market, analytics, and risk data to all modules
  • Imports external data and custom calculations libraries for use system wide without programming


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Order Management System (OMS)

The NorthPoint Order Management System (NorthPoint OMS) module provides comprehensive order management functionality that supports all asset classes and multiple strategy funds.

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Portfolio Management

The NorthPoint Portfolio Management module consolidates information from multiple systems into a comprehensive portfolio management dashboard. See real-time ticking views of positions, exposure, P&L, performance, risk, and other analytics.

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Trading Compliance

The NorthPoint Trading Compliance module offers an intuitive approach to defining investment guidelines and regulatory rules that apply to your firm. It offers a robust view into a broad range of trade compliance activity and runs compliance checks pre, intra, and post trade.

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The IMS reporting tool offers multiple ways to create, view, and export reports, including an interactive data visualization reporting tool and a library of standard reports. 

Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration is critical to your operations—your systems need to operate on the same, consistent data in order to provide accurate books and records and reports. Our IMS offers established data connections to third-party systems and in-house technology to integrate with your proprietary systems.

NorthPoint Data Management
Solutions Integration

The NorthPoint IMS integrates fully with NorthPoint Data Management Solutions, our real-time platform for managing and storing security, pricing, and trade data.

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Managed Services

Tailored support for the NorthPoint IMS and NorthPoint Data Management Solutions

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  • A single platform for managing and distributing information about a firm's securities, transactions, holdings, and risk data
  • Timely and accurate information for optimized decision making
  • Consistent data and calculations across all modules
  • Gains in operational and cost efficiencies
  • Reduces operational risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Investement Strategies

  • Long/short
  • Credit
  • Convertible Arbitrage
  • Merger Arbitrage
  • Distressed Debta
  • CLO
  • Activist
  • CTAs
  • Liquid alternatives
  • Allocators (OCIOs, fund of funds, endowments)

Full Asset Class Support


  • Listed stock
  • ETFs/indexes
  • Preferred
  • Equity swaps
  • Equity options, warrants, rights
  • OTC options

Fixed Income/Credit

  • Bonds
  • Asset backed/structured products
  • Bank debt/loans
  • Credit default swaps, indices, options
  • Repos

FX/Rate Products

  • FX spots
  • FX forwards
  • FX options/swaps
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Interest rate caps/floors
  • Swaptions

Private Fund Investments

  • Mutual funds and SMAs
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Side pockets/AIVs

Other Derivatives

  • Futures
  • Total return swaps