Portfolio Management

NorthPoint Portfolio Management consolidates information from multiple systems into a single portfolio management dashboard to provide real-time ticking views of positions, exposure, P&L, performance, risk, and other analytics. NorthPoint Portfolio Management seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, service providers, and data feeds.



NorthPoint portfolio management
  • Provides up-to-the minute trading and pricing data to allow for more informed trading decisions
  • Allows you to create real-time models through user-defined, custom calculations
  • Provides the ability to run ad hoc queries and “what if” scenarios
  • Allows you to add custom data and calculations through the calculation and data exchange engine without additional programming
  • Includes high-performance reporting through Tableau® integration and a standard report library
  • Provides flexible tools for creating user-defined views that can be saved and shared
  • Reduces operational risk by eliminating the manual processes involved when combining position, trade, accounting, and market data information from multiple sources
  • Scales to add functionality as you grow

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