NorthPoint Price Master

The NorthPoint Price Master provides a centralized pricing methodology that ensures pricing consistency to any module connected to the platform. Data adapters collect and persist marks from multiple pricing sources (such as data vendors, broker files, client data models, etc.). User-configurable dynamic workflows and formulas for calculating prices allow users to define firm-wide pricing rules and price to a model and perform “what if” analysis.



NorthPoint Price Master

  • Provides a centralized, consistent pricing methodology
  • Simplifies the complexities of managing data through automation, data validation rules, and standardized workflows
  • Calculates pricing through user-configurable dynamic workflows and formulas
  • Ability to price to a model and perform “what if” analysis
  • Displays the immediate impact of pricing changes on P&L and exposure
  • Tracks activity with a full audit trail
  • Available with the ACA IMS
  • Integrates with third-party systems

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