NorthPoint Security Master

The NorthPoint Security Master provides your firm with a single point of control for managing securities terms and conditions, reference entities, and market data. It features a dynamic model that allows operations staff to easily define security and reference types and add attributes on the fly, without any additional programming.



NorthPoint Security Master

  • Provides a centralized system for managing security, reference, investment, and pricing data
  • Provides security and reference data consistency across the NorthPoint IMS and third-party systems, service providers, and data feeds
  • Simplifies the complexity of managing data through automated workflows, derived attributes, data validation rules, and reporting
  • Allows for on-the-fly definition of new static or time series attributes
  • Supports extending security definitions with expression-based fields that are derived from custom formulas
  • Scales with evolving investment strategies and asset classes
  • Tracks activity with a full audit trail

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