5 Reasons to Attend the ACA Professional Skills Academy

March 26, 2019 by Nicole Morton

Give your professional life a boost with the ACA Professional Skills Academy

While technical knowledge may get your foot in the door, interpersonal skills play a critical role in advancing your career. Time management, critical thinking, communication – they all allow not only you, but also your organization, to stay competitive and adaptable. No matter your role or company size, there will always be an interpersonal dynamic that can't be ignored. 

Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today's workforce, which is why we’re excited to introduce the ACA Professional Skills Academy at ACA’s Spring 2019 Compliance and Performance Conference in Miami, Florida. ACA Professional Skills Academy is a turn-key program for financial professionals in various roles who recognize developing these skills are necessary to be successful in the workplace. Join us for the half-day workshop focused on developing your professional “presence” and improving the productivity, efficiency, and fun of corporate meetings.

Here are five reasons to attend the ACA Professional Skills Academy:

  1. Peer discussions and practical exercises
    ACA Professional Skills Academy provides an intimate hands-on setting that encourages attendees to be active participants. Each session sets the stage to freely share opinions and ask questions to facilitate greater learning, growth, and relationship building. 
  2. Interactive and innovative coaching
    Denise Paglia-Cole, international leader and sought-after speaker for Own the Room, provides coaching that resonates from the boardroom to the sports arena. Her career has largely focused on helping people get out of their comfort zones and we’re excited to welcome her to our first ACA Professional Skills Academy at ACA's Spring 2019 Compliance and Performance Conference.
  3. Develop confidence and credibility
    Confidence and authenticity lead to trust, trust fosters connection, and connection inspires action. The first half of the workshop will help you master this magic formula to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, and increase your influence during any meeting or presentation, at any stage of your career. Executive Presence and Authentic Connections will help you discover strategies (and science!) to overcome fear and position yourself as an invaluable leader.

    Get the personalized feedback you need to develop a more powerful presence. Have you ever been told (or felt) you’re too stiff, timid, aggressive, nervous, bossy, emotional, have a boring voice, or lack confidence? If you want to be considered leadership material, it’s essential to hone your verbal and nonverbal messages. This session explores key components of being "powerful." In a supportive atmosphere, you’ll get honest feedback from your instructor and peers, benefit from videotaping and improvisation practice, and get a realistic idea of your current power image. You’ll then identify and practice improving your power presence. Filled with personalized coaching and intensive feedback, this is the ideal seminar for women who want to influence and maximize their executive presence.

    As you continue your professional journey, what areas do you need to grow? Studies show that executive presence could account for over 25% of your ability to get promoted, but what does that mean for you?
  4. Improve productive and performance
    How many hours have you spent in meetings that weren’t an effective use of your time? Wish those meetings could be more organized, productive, and fun? According to Harvard Business Review, meetings have increased in length and frequency over the past 50 years – so much so that executives can spend an average of 23 hours per week in them. If that sounds all too familiar, it’s time to swap “meeting madness” for Meeting Mastery. In the interactive session Meeting Mastery, we will challenge you to rethink the traditional format and teach you a science-based approach to make meetings shorter, more productive, and — surprise — even fun!
  5. Learn more for less
    Save $250 by registering for both the main conference and ACA Professional Skills Academy at the same time. Register today!

Who Should Attend

ACA Professional Skills Academy is designed for junior through C-suite financial professionals working in various roles, including: 

  • Compliance
  • Technology
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Cyber and Risk
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing

Register Today!

Join us for our first ACA Professional Skills Academy on May 8 at ACA's Spring 2019 Compliance and Performance Conference at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami, Florida. Stay for the whole conference May 8-10 and save $250. Register here. We look forward to seeing you!

About the Author

Nicole Morton is a Client Development, BPO Practice Specialist at ACA Compliance Group. Nicole joined ACA in December 2015 working initially in ACA's Pittsburgh Analysis and Review Center (ARC). Since then, she has contributed to product and client development at ACA, incorporating her experience in business development, business ownership, consulting, and educational leadership into various ACA initiatives. She also co-leads the ACA Professional Skills Academy, which provides targeted soft skills training and educational tools to investment industry professionals. Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Education and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages from Duquesne University.