Do You Have Sufficient Resources? Ensure Compliance Coverage for the Holiday Season and Beyond

November 28, 2018 by Sean McKeveny, Joyce Mumma
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Do You Have Sufficient Resources? Ensure Compliance Coverage for the Holiday Season and Beyond

The year-end brings with it regulation changes and increased demands that last throughout the first quarter of the year. It’s all too easy for many compliance tasks to take a back seat due to lack of staff and bandwidth. Compliance officers and managers need the assurance that they can start 2019 off on the right foot and still have the resources available to fulfill both their regulatory obligations and their fiduciary duty to clients on a daily basis. 

To assist our compliance clients, we offer secondment and staffing assistance solutions that actively help investment advisers bridge the gap and ensure coverage. Our experienced compliance professionals have a diverse knowledgebase and can support your firm’s compliance efforts on a full- or part-time basis, at any level of seniority. 

ACA’s Secondment and Staffing Support Solutions can support your firm with many year-end compliance tasks such as: 

  • Compliance testing and assistance with the annual compliance review
  • Routine monitoring and surveillance, including:
  • Personal account dealing
  • Email and instant messaging communications
  • Trading surveillance
  • Secondment assistance including short or longer term loaning of compliance professionals 
  • Year-end filings with the SEC, FINRA, CFTC, and NFA
  • Form ADV update
  • Form PF update
  • Forms 13D, 13G, 13F, and 13H
  • Review of your cybersecurity policy
  • And more.

In addition to helping ensure that our clients have the necessary resources to dedicate to their compliance programs, ACA’s Staffing Support Solutions allows clients to gain exposure to peer group best practices, involve little to no ramp up, and shift the risks and costs to recruit, retain, and oversee to ACA.  ACA’s Staffing Support Solutions provide a scalable option, allowing clients to control the variable cost. The level of support provided can be dialed-up or down with the snap of a finger and no internal costs involved such as terminating or hiring.

Download our list of services and case studies here to learn more about how you can leverage our staffing support solutions. 

Contact Sean McKeveny at if you’d like to learn more. 

About the Authors

Sean McKeveny rejoined ACA in September 2014 to support the launch of ACA’s Analysis and Review Center (“ARC”) in Pittsburgh. Sean had previously worked as a Compliance Analyst in ACA’s Morristown, New Jersey office. After spending three and a half years in Pittsburgh, Sean returned to Morristown, where, as a Principal Consultant, he oversees select ARC projects, provides support during mock exams, and serves as a practice specialist supporting sales and business development initiatives for ACA’s business process outsourcing segment. Sean earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management (summa cum laude) from the University of Scranton. He also holds the Claritas Investment Certification issued by the CFA Institute and a graduate certification in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford University.

Joyce Mumma joined ACA in October 2014 and then, after a brief hiatus, rejoined ACA in April 2018. As a Senior Principal Consultant, Joyce leads mock regulatory examinations and compliance program reviews, oversees and assists with policy and procedure reviews, helps clients prepare for SEC examinations, reviews marketing materials, drafts and oversees the preparation of reports and manuals that promote compliance with regulatory requirements, and provides compliance assistance and advice to clients. Prior to ACA, Joyce served as Chief Compliance Officer with HSBC Global Asset Management. She has also worked for Och-Ziff Capital Management, Lehman Brothers Inc., and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Joyce earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Indiana University.