The Next Generation of ComplianceAlpha is Here!

October 1, 2019 by Jordan Schwartz

At ACA, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring together the best people, technology, and services to deliver a comprehensive, integrated approach to governance, risk, and compliance. We’re excited to announce the launch of ComplianceAlpha® 2.0, our next-generation software platform designed to help your firm strengthen and streamline risk and compliance management across the enterprise from a single location.

ACA compliance matrix

Redesigned, enhanced user experience

Key Features and Benefits

  • New employee personal trading surveillance software: ComplianceAlpha 2.0 introduces ACA’s Employee Compliance solution, which updates, expands, and enhances the existing capabilities of Compliance ELF. Employee Compliance is available within the ComplianceAlpha platform to provide firms with a user-friendly application for managing and automating their firm’s personal trading surveillance, employee certifications, gift and entertainment requests and disclosures, political contributions, outside activity reporting, and more.

    ACA Employee Compliance solution IOIs
    New Employee Compliance solution

  • Redesigned interface for an enhanced user experience, deeper insights: ComplianceAlpha 2.0 introduces a redesigned, modern interface and consolidated dashboard for Action Items and Items of Interest that puts data at your fingertips for quicker and easier insights into potential issues that require attention.
  • Centralized application management features: System administrators can now easily manage users, permissions, and notifications from one place.
  • Increased scalability and support for third-party integrations: ComplianceAlpha 2.0 is built on a new, API-based infrastructure that connects your firm’s structured and unstructured data sets by allowing the platform’s solutions to interact with each other as well as with your firm’s internal and third-party systems. The new infrastructure allows for easy scalability to update features as regulators’ demands and technological capabilities evolve.

Why ComplianceAlpha?

To effectively and efficiently meet regulatory demands and identify risk, firms no longer have to rely on manual processes and unconnected data sources. Firms need the support of an enterprise-wide, scalable technology solution that brings together their structured and unstructured data sets while allowing for easy feature updates as regulators' requirements and technological capabilities change.

ComplianceAlpha 2.0 helps global financial services firms of all sizes to bring their firm’s compliance program to the level that regulators expect. The enhanced platform helps firms increase efficiency by automating manual tasks, reduce risk through enhanced surveillance capabilities, derive deeper insights through connected data, and free up valuable time for more strategic, higher-value tasks.

ComplianceAlpha 2.0 is just the beginning of our efforts to unify the delivery of ACA’s software and services to provide firms with a comprehensive, future-proof solution for risk and compliance management.

What Does This Mean for Compliance ELF Clients?

Starting in Q1 2020, we will begin working with Compliance ELF clients on the upgrade to ComplianceAlpha and the new Employee Compliance solution. ACA’s Customer Success team will work with your firm to:

  • Coordinate an upgrade time frame
  • Seamlessly migrate all existing Compliance ELF data to the new system
  • Configure new features
  • Train your firm’s compliance personnel
  • Help communicate the changes to your firm’s wider employee base (note that employees will not be required to change their login credentials or personal account.)

Join our upcoming live webcast for Compliance ELF clients October 23 at 11am ET. We will demonstrate the new Employee Compliance solution as well as discuss the upgrade process for Compliance ELF clientsThe webcast will be recorded and sent to registrants following the broadcast.

If you are a current Compliance ELF client and have any questions, please contact your Customer Success representative.

Join Our Live Demo on October 17 at 11am ET

If you are not currently a Compliance ELF client, please join us for a live demonstration of ComplianceAlpha 2.0 and our new Employee Compliance solution on Wednesday October 17 at 11am ETThe webcast will be recorded and sent to registrants following the broadcast.

For More Information

For more information about ComplianceAlpha 2.0, please contact your ACA consultant or Patrick Conroy at or +1 (781) 234-5631.