Pandemic Response and Business Continuity FAQs for Financial Services Firms

March 13, 2020 by ACA Compliance Group

More restrictions are being put in place every day to contain coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) that could affect your firm’s operations. ACA is here to support you and help your firm remain vigilant and resilient in these uncertain times.

Recently, we hosted a live Q&A session to answer some of the most pressing questions firms have about addressing the operational challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We compiled many of the questions we received during the broadcast and provided responses in our Pandemic Response and Business Continuity FAQs for Financial Services Firms.

Topics we address include:

  • Regulatory updates and guidance
  • Third-party risk management
  • Business resilience and operational resilience 
  • Business continuity planning/disaster recovery planning
  • And more


Missed Our Live Q&A Session? Listen to the Replay

ACA hosted a live 30-minute webcast on March 4 featuring a Q&A with our cybersecurity and IT team.


How We Help

We provide a broad range of services that can help your firm navigate through these uncertain times, including:

Contact us to learn more about how ACA can help your firm manage operational and other risks caused by restrictions associated with COVID-19, as well as continue to meet regulatory obligations and adhere to industry best practices.

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COVID-19 Resources

For the latest information about COVID-19, visit the following websites:

World Health Organization (WHO)

National Health Services (NHS)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region