Expert Network Consultation Chaperoning

Expert Network Consultation Chaperoning

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ACA can assist compliance and legal teams by chaperoning expert network consultations. ACA’s team is available to listen to consultations, document observed inconsistencies with policies and procedures, and provide a report of any findings after the meeting. Our expert network chaperoning service is part of ACA’s off-site compliance solutions and is provided by ACA’s Analysis and Review Center, our dedicated knowledge center of regulatory compliance professionals.

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ACA can join expert network consultations in listen-only mode, on an announced or unannounced basis. We will document the consultation, note inconsistencies, and identify potential compliance risks and violations.



ACA will provide a written summary report of the consultation in which we highlight aspects that warrant further review. Additionally, we can be available to discuss our findings if necessary.


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Partnership with GLG


ACA has an exclusive partnership with GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) to provide a seamless process for compliance teams to arrange chaperones. ACA offers discounted pricing for chaperoning GLG calls. GLG is the world’s leading professional learning platform. Each week, GLG facilitates thousands of connections between their 1,400 clients and its membership of 500,000 experts.