Social Media Surveillance Service

Social Media Surveillance Service

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Many firms are concerned with how their employees use social media or other websites for business purposes, and with the general unknown of what information about the firm or its business dealings is being posted online. Despite that concern, compliance officers may not have the resources necessary to perform periodic, comprehensive reviews of their employees’ online activity. While some firms are able to monitor employee activity on widely known, popular social media sites, they may not be aware of activity on lesser-known websites and social media forums, such as those that are geared toward traders or that focus on investment ideas.

How We Help


ACA Compliance Group’s (“ACA”) social media surveillance service can assist your firm’s compliance department with identifying online activity that could pose compliance or reputational issues for your firm. This service also can assist your firm with addressing regulatory guidance on the use of social media by investment advisers and their employees.

ACA’s experienced surveillance team will:

  • work with your firm to determine the scope of ACA’s review;
  • search social media accounts and other websites for business-related online activity by individuals identified by your firm; and
  • provide a written or oral summary report upon completion of our review that identifies online content that may require further review by your firm.
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