White Paper: Vendor Management for Small Banks and Credit Unions

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Cyber Awareness Month 2018: Online Safety for Children

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Case Study: ACA's Vendor Management Outsourcing Service for a Global Private Equity Firm

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News: ACA Named Best Advisory Firm and Best Cyber-Security Service by the 2018 HFM US Hedge Fund Services Awards

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ACA Aponix

We provide cybersecurity and technology risk assessments, testing, and advisory solutions for companies of all sizes.


Cybersecurity and Technology Risk Assessments

We conduct cyber and tech assessments to help identify technology-related risks and areas for improvement.

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Vendor and M&A Diligence Services

We help assess the cyber and technology risks of vendors, portfolio companies, and M&A targets.

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Phishing Testing and Cyber Awareness

We help educate you and your staff on how to identify cyber threats and prepare for a potential security breach or cyber event.

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Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

We help identify network vulnerabilities that could lead to a breach.

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Policies, Procedures, and Governance

We help develop cyber and technology policies and procedures, including Written Information Security Programs and Business Continuity Plans.

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Cyber Incident Response Planning

We help test and develop cyber incident response plans.

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Mock Regulatory Cyber Exams

We help firms prepare for SEC, NFA, and FINRA cyber exams.

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Threat Intelligence

We help you stay on top of cyber threats through regulatory and cyber alerts, paste site monitoring, and domain registration monitoring.

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GDPR went into effect on May 25. We can assist with assessing your organization’s and your vendors' readiness to comply with GDPR requirements.

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Deep information technology experience. Award-winning solutions. Holistic approach to technology risk.


Experienced Global Team
of technology and security-focused staff

Certified Team Members
in ethical hacking, IT governance, security program management, network and systems administration, and business and financial management

Thought Leaders
in cybersecurity and IT risk

Over 450 Companies Work with Us
on their security assessments, network testing, policy and plan development, phishing, training, vendor reviews, and as part of M&A diligence

Award-Winning Technology and Tailored Solutions
to meet your company’s unique needs

Holistic Approach
to cybersecurity and IT risk