Online Cybersecurity
Awareness Training

Our web-based training course provides investment advisers of all sizes with an effective and comprehensive review of cybersecurity risks. It's designed to ensure your staff gain a broad understanding of their role in protecting your firm.


During the course, we'll cover:

  • Examples of phishing and vishing incidents, and how staff can detect them
  • Examples of malware incidents to investment advisers and how to help prevent them
  • Key protections staff should be aware of, including:
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Password management
    • Cloud service risks
  • SEC Risk Alert background and history

This course includes embedded questions throughout the modules, as well as a scored, 10-question final exam for which completion and scores are recorded for review and regulatory records.



As the course administrator, you have the ability to:

  • Send training (with unique links for tracking) out to individual trainees
  • View current completion status
  • View last login time for trainees
  • View quiz scores
  • Download a PDF or Excel report of completion and quiz scores
  • Send reminders to staff


Get a complimentary preview of the training, which is available for two days after starting the course. Please note that this sample will not provide access to the back-end portal through which you can administer training, track staff progress, and view quiz results. This trial will allow for you to take the course as an attendee would.

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