Microsoft Office 365 Security Assessment

Microsoft Office 365 Security Assessment

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Companies are increasingly moving to cloud-based services such as Microsoft® Office 365®. While Microsoft has invested significantly in the security of Office 365, many companies do not take full advantage of the available security settings, which can dramatically impact the security and regulatory posture of your environment.



Our team of experienced consultants can help assess the security of your company’s Office 365 environment. As part of our assessment, we can review how your company uses Office 365, whether the application’s controls align with your company’s policies, and if your company is leveraging all of the application’s security features. Our assessment can help determine whether your company’s Office 365 environment is configured to protect user identities, enable compliance oversight obligations, and identify data loss. Based on our findings, we can assist your company with developing a practical action plan to address key risks.


Our service includes:




Data leakage control review

Identity & access control review

Review of compliance enablement

Incident response & recovery readiness review

Evaluation of Office 365 value attainment

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