Mock Regulatory Cybersecurity Exams

Mock Regulatory Cybersecurity Exams

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Cybersecurity has been a regulatory focus area for the past several years. As a result, firms around the globe have been subjected to intense, detailed inspections of their cybersecurity policies, procedures, practices, and protections.

Mock SEC, NFA, and FINRA Cybersecurity Examinations


We offer mock regulatory cyber exams that are designed to help prepare firms for SEC, FINRA, and NFA cybersecurity exams. Our team of experienced information security professionals, former regulators, and senior compliance professionals can review your firm’s information security program from a regulator’s perspective. By completing ACA’s mock cybersecurity exam, your firm will have a better understanding of potential deficiencies to address as well as how your information security program compares to those of your peers.



1. Preparation

Conduct initial scope calls with your firm and evaluate a variety of materials to become familiar with your technology, governance, and risk structure. We'll deliver a document request list similar to those used by examiners.

on-site examination

2. On-Site Inspection

Our team will visit your firm's office to review books and records, perform validation/testing, and conduct employee interviews. 


3. Reporting

Deliver an oral or written findings report, offer recommendations for enhancing cybersecurity and technology risk program, followed by feedback regarding employee interviews.


4. Implementation Assistance

Based on recommendations, we can create or modify your Written Information Security Program and deliver training to employees. We'll provide template forms, logs, checklists, and exception reports for documenting cyber activities.

Benefits of a Mock Cyber Exam


Our mock exam service helps firms:

  • prepare for an SEC, NFA, or FINRA cyber exam;
  • identify potential deficiencies to correct;
  • have a better understanding of how their cybersecurity program compares to the programs of their peers; and
  • be better positioned to comply with regulators' cybersecurity guidance.