Policies, Procedures, and Governance

The recent rise in cyber-attacks has prompted increased federal and state cybersecurity compliance regulations. ACA Aponix® can help ensure your company is in compliance. 


WISP Development

We can assist your firm in developing its Written Information Security Program (WISP) in accordance with industry standards and the appropriate regulatory requirements. We provide guidance on best practices and common deficiencies based on our review of your current information systems and security policies, manuals, and procedures. We also help prepare new documents or document enhancements for your firm.

Cyber Incident
Response Planning

Hackers often post sensitive data about their victims or targets on anonymous paste sites to share with the broader hacker community. We monitor select anonymous paste sites (e.g. PasteBin) for mentions of your firm’s domain or IP addresses, as these could be indicators of an upcoming or ongoing attack.

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Business Continuity Planning
and Business Impact Analysis

Our business continuity planning (BCP) development and implementation assistance is designed to help your firm address its operational and other risks in the event of a disaster such as a technological failure or cyber-attack, as well as meet upcoming regulatory obligations. We can assist your firm in developing its business continuity and transition plans. In addition, we can help ensure that your firm’s BCPs meet the requirements of proposed SEC rule 206(4)-4, which would require SEC-registered investment advisers to adopt and implement written business continuity and transition plans.

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