PortCo Defend: Portfolio Company Risk Management Overview

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ACA Aponix's PortCo Defend is both a cybersecurity program and a dashboard, designed to help private equity firms assess and centrally monitor security threats and risks for their investment portfolio companies (PortCos). PortCo Defend is a holistic cybersecurity program that gives private markets visibility into their PortCos’ cybersecurity maturity and provides a view to evaluate and track progress of all their PortCos’ efforts to remediate any concerns in one place.

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ACA Aponix’s PortCo Defend provides a portfolio-based cyber risk/maturity assessment and ongoing support services to identify risk and help preserve portfolio company (PortCo) value throughout the investment lifecycle. With PortCo Defend, ACA Aponix will be a trusted advisor providing the sponsor with ongoing visibility into the cybersecurity operations of their investments and working directly with the portfolio companies to identify cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities and/or weaknesses, while also providing risk ranked tactical and strategic remediation recommendations and ongoing training and monitoring services.


PortCo Defend provides the following benefits to the sponsor and their portfolio companies:<

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Cost effective, balanced approach
  • Program tailored to sponsor’s risk management culture
  • Repeatable proprietary framework leveraging established risk management principles
  • Seamless incorporation of new investments  
  • Quarterly updates on portfolio risk management performance
  • Remediation or advisory services available to the PortCos as needed
  • Competitive advantage/Value preservation


Portfolio Company Benefits

  • Minimum impact on management team/stakeholders
  • No rework for high performing PortCos
  • Clearly defined program expectations aligned to target maturity  
  • Pragmatic suggestions to get to target maturity
  • Collaboratively developed remediation roadmap
  •  Remediation or advisory services available as needed


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