Portfolio Company IT and Cyber Risk Reviews

The growing number of cyber attacks against businesses across all industries is drawing the attention of boards and private equity firms, which have a vested interest in protecting their brand and preserving stakeholder value and their investments. ACA Aponix® can help protect your investments from cyber attacks.



Our post-deal and ongoing diligence services help you manage risks, negotiate better deals, and preserve the investment value throughout the portfolio company lifecycle.



  • Tiered level of efforts to appropriately align IT and cybersecurity diligence throughout the deal lifecycle;
  • Conducting interviews and targeted walkthroughs with leadership and deal personnel to help them understand business operations, strategy, and the risks related their existing technology and cybersecurity investments;
  • Performing direct inspection and control operation validation using manual and automated techniques;
  • Reviewing the portfolio company’s IT and cybersecurity risk domains; and
  • Prioritizing our findings in a cybersecurity risk ranked report, aligning with the impact on the overall business strategy with the likelihood of occurring, with actionable recommendations to mitigate identified gaps.

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