MiFID II Implementation Date Fast Approaching – Is Your Firm Ready?

September 25, 2017

You may have deliberated, cogitated and digested the impact of MiFID II by now.
You may have considered its implications to the Nth degree, held numerous internal meetings and pushed this new EU directive into every dark corner of your business. Did the summer months feel like one long implementation project, but you now feel you are probably ready or maybe almost-definitely ready? The hard work is done, right? You are ready for ‘M2 date’ in January 2018?
Great! But how do you know you’ve made the correct operational and regulatory changes to your business? How do you know your implementation is in-line with your peers and you’ve got the balance right between commercial expectations and compliance with the directive? How do you independently test what you’ve done to ensure you’ve covered every last detail?


How ACA Can Help  

ACA has spent more than two years preparing clients for MiFID II and most firms are now ready, or nearly ready for its implementation. Consequently, as we approach Q4, we are moving into a new phase and offering a ACA MiFID II Readiness Review, a stand-alone review designed to review and benchmark your MiFID II preparation.
Through a combined on- and off-site review, ACA will review your preparation against what is expected of firms of your size, nature and complexity and issue recommendations and an Executive Summary for senior management, evidencing your readiness for this significant regulatory change.
ACA’s MiFID II Readiness Review is not designed to be onerous on your time or resources, or to re-do the good work you’ve already completed. It is however designed to review and test your preparation and identify gaps prior to January, helping you to confidently sign-off on your own implementation.
Our clients are anticipating a date of being ready and are scheduling MiFID II Readiness Reviews throughout Q4. Alternatively, some of our clients are electing to schedule a review for Q1, 2018 – proactively and independently testing their compliance with the directive following the MiFID II implementation date.
Together, we can ensure the success of your MiFID II implementation.


For More Information

For further details please contact Alastair Hoban or your regular ACA consultant to discuss timing for our independent review of your MiFID II preparation.


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