Final Push Before Year-End?

October 26, 2016

Clocks are turning back, Christmas presents are in the shops and with these signs that the end of the year is approaching you may feel the painful realisation that aspects of your 2016 compliance programme remain incomplete with just over two months of the year to go. Maybe final reviews or internal reporting are outstanding, maybe that regulatory project planned to be complete before year-end is behind schedule, or you simply feel your compliance programme is not ready for moving into 2017.

Of course, with so many other priorities, it's often just an issue of time and resources. Another factor may be the absence of your own staff. Whether on a temporary basis, such as staff holidays, or for the longer term, like maternity or paternity leave, or illnesses, these absences frequently occur at critical times. This is where ACA can assist...
ACA in London employs a team of professionals at all levels across the FCA and SEC regulatory regimes and we are often asked to second an individual into a client for a number of days per month, or possibly full-time for an agreed period, to address the aforementioned issues. This in-sourcing of expertise can temporarily boost the human resources in the compliance department, without impacting headcount (or salaries in the P&L) and provides a highly flexible solution, with instant results.
Example secondments:

  • A senior analyst for two days per week, for two months, to help bring compliance monitoring back up to date;
  • A senior consultant for two days per month, indefinitely, to help with governance and SYSC reviews;
  • A mid-level consultant for three days per week, for nine months, to undertake large parts of the compliance function; and
  • A full-time secondment of two consultants, for two months, to complete a MiFID II implementation plan.

The temporary secondment of ACA staff to your firm can make a significant difference to the compliance programme. We can often start the secondment immediately and we provide our secondees with a deep bench of technical support, as well as holiday and illness cover.
There is still time in 2016 for an ACA secondment to make a difference. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact your regular ACA consultant or Ron Weekes.