Platforms Requiring Third-Party Performance Attestation: Model Performance Certifications

March 14, 2018 - 11:00 am
Investment Adviser Private Fund ACA Performance Services
Chase Frei and Travis Morgan

Although most private wealth managers were once exempt, ACA has observed a substantial number of manager advisory platforms requiring third-party managers to have their performance returns independently validated as a minimum qualification for participating in these platforms. This requirement will drive hundreds, if not thousands, of asset managers to demonstrate greater levels of performance reporting transparency.

The requirements vary amongst the platforms, but typically include:

  • The manager must comply with the GIPS® standards and have an independent third-party verification;
  • The manager must either comply with the GIPS standards and have an independent third-party verification or must have independent validation for active strategies available on the platform; and
  • In the case of presenting model performance, the manager must have an independent track record validation for models available on the platform.

Please join ACA Performance Services’ Chase Frei and Travis Morgan for a discussion on how model performance certifications can be used to meet advisory platforms’ requirement for independently verified performance returns. Topics include:

  • Trend towards platforms requiring attestation 
  • Best practices for presenting strategy or model performance 
  • Common challenges related to presenting strategy or model performance
  • Costs and required resources associated with a typical engagement
  • Recent case studies