Safeguarding Data: Protecting Your Company’s Crown Jewels

December 04, 2018 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
ACA Aponix ACA Technology
Johan Glozman, Managing Director at ACA Technology; Paul Schappell, Principal Consultant at ACA Aponix

The value of data has rapidly grown over recent years, leading to increased risks associated with managing data as well as new regulations designed to protect consumers. As a result, firms have an obligation to mitigate risks associated with retaining the data they handle. Join ACA’s Johan Glozman and Paul Schappell for a live discussion on what you need to know and the best practices your company can implement to protect data and comply with regulatory requirements.  

Discussion Topics

  • Data protections regulations  
  • Best practices for complying with regulatory requirements 
  • How to evolve your company’s control environment to comply with regulations and adequately protect data
  • How to minimize the impact to your company’s business operations and maximize buy-in
  • Tools to safeguard your company’s data

Featured Speakers:

Johan Glozman
Managing Director
ACA Technology

Paul Schappell
Principal Consultant
ACA Aponix

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