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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence

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We offer pre-deal and post-deal IT, cybersecurity, and privacy regulatory diligence of prospective and current portfolio companies to private equity investment teams.

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Technology and Data Protection Due Diligence

(Pre-deal diligence of prospective portfolio companies)

  • Review of the target’s IT, cyber, and privacy posture against the investment thesis via documentation reviews, on-site interviews, direct validation, and testing

  • Provide report with material findings and strategic recommendations

Transition Planning and Project Management

  • Develop readiness and communication plan

  • Create Transitional Service Agreement (TSA) to ensure continuity and manage costs with carve-outs

  • Develop transition governance plan

  • Develop roadmap for IT integration and identify synergies with add-on acquisitions

Technology Performance Improvement

  • Analyze performance improvement opportunities and recommendations for product development, product management, IT operations, and cybersecurity

  • Establish a Project Management Office (PMO) to manage the implementation of strategic IT projects including set-up and management, plan preparation, tracking and monitoring, and process transition

Cybersecurity and Privacy Risk Management

(Holistic review of highest risk portfolio company investments)

  • Conduct cybersecurity and technology risk assessments

  • Risk-rank portfolio companies to identify relative strengths and weaknesses for focused remediation

  • Certify against HITRUST CSF standards

  • Perform ongoing vulnerability monitoring

  • Conduct penetration testing

  • Provide training and awareness

  • Assess Microsoft® Office 365 tenant configuration security

  • Perform dark web analysis

  • Assist with security staff augmentation, ranging from analysts to CISOs

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence