IT, Cybersecurity, and Privacy Transaction Advisory Services

IT, cybersecurity, and privacy transaction advisory requires an effective approach and expertise to match the business drivers of a potential deal against the target’s IT and cybersecurity capabilities. ACA Aponix® can help.

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Understanding the business information technology alignment and cyber risk management is critical to the successful execution of the strategy, objectives, and goals of a deal. Our team has built an approach designed to align with the three common core requirements for IT, cybersecurity, and privacy transaction advisory:

Business Value Drivers

Determine the IT spend required to support the investment thesis:

  • Review budgets and project plans, evaluate leadership and strategy, and detect deferred spend
  • Review business worfklows and software compared to business needs
  • Identify regulatory complaince requirements (e.g., HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR), and costs

Information Technology

Review the current systems and architecture for gaps, future costs, and potential savings:

  • Review systems integrations, capacity, and scalability
  • Benchmark budgets
  • Identify and/or validate IT projects to enhance business efficiency or to reduce operational costs


Identify cyber exposure areas that introduce risk:

  • Identify security threats and examine the current security posture against these threats
  • Validate that information security budgets, governance, systems, training, and testing match best practices



Many M&A sponsors find themselves buried in information, making it difficult to translate diligence results into sound deal decisions and post-acquisition investment strategies. ACA Aponix’s IT and cyber diligence report is designed to clearly document how the target’s potential aligns with the investment thesis as well as provide the strategic roadmap and cost savings estimates required to achieve the sponsor’s objective during the hold.

Other benefits:

  • Executed by experienced, credentialed practitioners, capable of efficiently performing both IT and cyber due diligence assessments;
  • Concise reporting enables sound deal decisions and post-acquisition investment strategies;
  • Designed to move at the speed of the deal team, leveraging our proven methodology;
  • Provides pre-acquisition transparency into both tech debt and cybersecurity risks;
  • Quantifies the estimated cost of post-acquisition remediation;
  • Identifies potential cost savings and operational efficiencies;
  • Supports the board’s fiduciary obligations and cybersecurity risk oversight responsibilities; and
  • Demonstrates to investors and regulators that steps have been taken to protect against investing in vulnerable, flawed, or misconstrued products and services.

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