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Pandemic and Crisis Portfolio Monitoring

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Firms are adjusting their business practices to address the new and emerging challenges resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. ACA has observed that while many firms may have prepared for a short-term disruption in business operations, they are largely unprepared for a longer-term disruption to their clients, customers, and business operations.

The widespread disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic were largely unforeseen. For ACA’s private markets clients, the impact has resulted in an uptick in oversight. Private market firms have been responding to the needs of their investors and putting increased demand on operating partners to quickly assess how prepared their portfolio companies are to operate within this new reality.


How We Help


ACA is uniquely positioned to provide relief and scalability to our clients’ business operations during this unprecedented time via our pandemic and crisis portfolio monitoring service. We understand the challenges that portfolio companies are facing during this uncertain time. Our pandemic and crisis portfolio monitoring service is designed to provide private markets firms with a streamlined approach to help simplify their workload.

ACA can support your firm with a range of services designed to help address and mitigate the new and emerging risks resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic in order to maintain business operations and withstand the crisis.

ACA’s Pandemic and Crisis Portfolio Monitoring Service will provide private markets clients with the following:

  • Initial rapid assessment and analysis of portfolio company preparedness. This will cover key business continuity categories, including, but not limited to: Business Process, Communications, Corporate Support, Executive Management, Finance, HR, IT, Remote Readiness, Reporting, Service Delivery, and Third-Party Risk.
  • A portfolio dashboard summarizing your firm’s overall readiness and highlighting key business continuity metrics.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly status reports on management’s progress toward mitigating BCP gaps identified during the initial assessment.
  • A dedicated senior risk consultant resource to summarize the assessment findings and to review your management.

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