Case Study: Consolidating Data and Performance Reports

February 1, 2016

As a result of recent acquisitions and consolidations, a rapidly growing, publicly traded $12B Investment Manager was struggling to produce consolidated risk and performance reports in a timely manner. In addition, their manual processes for producing investor and regulatory reporting introduced unacceptable operational risk, thus impeding the onboarding of new funds and raising audit concerns because of the lack of historical look-back capabilities.

The Challenge

As the Investment Manager grew, each new manager acquisition required incorporating additional systems into the infrastructure and added overhead to daily operations. Performance, risk, investor, and regulatory reporting became a fragmented and increasingly manual process with the addition of each new fund. As a result, key resource dependencies and operational risk increases prohibited the addition of new funds. Without a way to rapidly onboard new funds and incorporate their holdings and performance into a consolidated reporting system, the Investment Manager’s growth would become unsustainable.

The Solution

We solved this challenge by using our market-leading NorthPoint Security Master and Data Warehouse to consolidate data from disparate source systems into a single reporting platform. Powered by ACA Technology Solutions' real-time calculation and data exchange engine, the solution simplified the mapping and transformation of information between each system and enabled up to seven years of history for over 20 funds from five different systems to be integrated into the ACA Data Warehouse in less than three months. Additionally, the NorthPoint Data Warehouse has full Knowledge Date support, which reduces audit concerns by providing a snapshot of the historical data used for every published report.

The Benefits

  • Supported the Investment Manager’s growth objectives by simplifying fund on-boarding
  • Reduced operational risk and key resource dependencies
  • Reduced audit concerns by providing historical look-back at data used for published reports
  • Provided a comprehensive platform for delivering consolidated reporting