ACA Technology introduces ‘40 Act Compliance Rule Library for OMS Platforms

August 4, 2015

The new module works with NorthPoint IMS as well as other OMS platforms, and is fully supported by ACA Compliance Group’s ‘40 Act compliance advisory services.

ACA Technology Solutions, a leading provider of investment management technology, has enhanced its compliance software rule library to support Investment Company Act of 1940 Act compliance. This new feature is available in ACA’s NorthPoint Investment Management System (“IMS”), and is designed to work with many third-party and proprietary systems.

NorthPoint IMS’s dynamic architecture combines live market data with position information to run real-time calculations. Users can check ’40 Act compliance rules at any stage in the compliance workflow. In addition, the rule library can handle non-regulatory compliance requirements across a variety of fund structures. Rules applied to an individual fund can easily be adjusted for specific investment strategies and restrictions. The software employs sophisticated logic to account for overages on allocations and can reallocate an order without manual intervention.

ACA Technology Solutions, a division of ACA Compliance Group, partnered with ACA’s Investment Company regulatory compliance team to develop this enhancement. Working in tandem, the ACA Technology implementation team installs the system, while ACA’s compliance consultants help clients configure the rules to ensure correct calculations.

“We are excited to offer to our traditional and alternative fund clients an option to enhance their ability to monitor compliance with Company Act investment guidelines and restrictions,” said Nick Prokos, Partner at ACA Compliance Group. “Compliance officers — and their budgets — should welcome the fact that a firm doesn’t have to change its OMS to use this new capability.”

“By leveraging our relationship with ACA Compliance Group, we have strengthened our compliance software to exceed client expectations,” said Michael Molaro, Partner at ACA Technology Solutions. “Staying true to our development strategy, we designed the software to work not only for our existing IMS clients, but for firms with established third-party OMS systems.”

ACA Technology delivers innovative, dynamic financial technology solutions to investment managers. Our core offerings include the NorthPoint IMS, the NorthPoint Data Management and Governance Solutions, the ACA Regulatory Reporting Platform, and the ACA Expense Allocation System. The NorthPoint IMS is a real-time system that unites order management, portfolio management, compliance, and reporting in one platform. The system also leverages NorthPoint’s data management and governance products to provide pricing data, a robust security master, and trading history storage in the NorthPoint data warehouse.

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