Strategic Income Management Implements the ACA Investment Management System

March 24, 2016

Strategic Income Management Implements the ACA Investment Management System for Enhanced Trade Order Management, Portfolio Modeling, and Compliance

ACA Technology Solutions announced today that Strategic Income Management, LLC (SiM), a Seattle-based investment management company, implemented ACA Technology Solutions' Investment Management System (IMS).

SiM selected ACA’s IMS based on its ability to model portfolios, handle the trade order lifecycle with built-in pre/post-trade compliance checks, and provide consistent data reporting and high-end visualizations. In addition, ACA’s IMS was able to integrate seamlessly with Advent Axys® in order to improve SiM’s operational efficiencies.

To meet SiM’s compliance requirements, ACA Technology Solutions leveraged the expertise of parent company ACA Compliance Group to further enhance the compliance functionality within the ACA IMS. This included incorporating the ’40 Act Rule library into the pre- and post-trade compliance engine.

“Our team looked at a multitude of platforms to manage our trade order management processes,” said Tim Black, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Compliance Officer at Strategic Income Management. “We needed a system that can handle portfolio modeling with the ability to run all compliance checks on-the-fly. The ACA IMS met our needs and exceeded our expectations by providing an easy-to-use, configurable system that made our internal processes more efficient."

“Given SiM’s commitment to a strong culture of compliance, we were able to provide a workflow and management process for all of their investment decisions in a short period of time,” said Glen Froio, Partner at ACA Technology Solutions. “Our experienced team of financial technologists quickly assessed SiM’s trading and analysis processes and made recommendations on how to define and improve them in order to increase the firm’s operational efficiencies.”

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