ACA Technology Offers Flexible Solutions for MiFID II and other EU Regulatory Regimes

October 20, 2017

Global investment managers, particularly those with subsidiaries based in the European Union (“EU”), have been challenged by the recent increase in regulatory reporting mandates from European regulators, particularly the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MiFID II”). Given the scope of these requirements, ACA recognizes the need for U.S. investment managers to adopt technology solutions that can help ease the burden of complying with current regulations while also getting ahead of future regulatory changes. 

How ACA Can Help

ACA Technology’s team of financial technologists partnered with ACA Compliance Group’s regulatory compliance team of former regulators and senior-level compliance professionals to develop features for the NorthPoint Investment Management System (“IMS”) that make it easier and more efficient for U.S. investment advisers to comply with MiFID II and other EU financial regulations. The NorthPoint IMS can be easily configured to accommodate the ongoing regulatory changes of today’s evolving regulatory landscape.

Key Features

The NorthPoint IMS offers a comprehensive feature set designed to assist investment advisers with meeting their obligations with European regulators, particularly the MiFID II regime.

NorthPoint Security Master

  • Can create and model any asset type (not limited to equities or bonds) with a near unlimited list of attributes
  • Directly links contract securities to their underlying or collateral securities
  • Captures all data points required for MiFID II’s transaction reporting, as well as the upcoming Securities Financing Transaction (“SFTR”) reporting regime. This includes LEI and other identifiers at various entity levels (e.g., portfolios, traders, counterparties).

NorthPoint Price Master

  • Allows for multiple price sources and pricing formulas to be configured by asset type or asset, pursuant to the valuation policy
  • Captures all prices and levels in accordance with the Best Execution monitoring and transparency requirements of MiFID II

NorthPoint Order Management System (OMS)

  • Captures the full order lifecycle for all asset classes, from decision-making to placement to execution and allocation.

Includes a full audit trail that captures all data points and timestamps as required by MiFID II.

MiFID II Resources


ACA's European compliance team has assembled a list of frequently asked questions about MiFID II for U.S. advisers: MiFID II FAQs for U.S. advisers


ACA's European compliance team has conducted informative webcasts on MiFID II. You can view the replays of the webcasts by clicking the links below.

For More Information

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