ACA Aponix® and ACA Technology Solutions Announce Release of ACA’s Vendor Management Platform

December 12, 2017

ACA Aponix and ACA Technology Solutions, divisions of ACA Compliance Group ("ACA"), announced today the official release of ACA’s Vendor Management Platform, a centralized solution designed to streamline the vendor due diligence process and reduce the burden, risks, and costs associated with managing the vendor life cycle.

ACA’s Vendor Management Platform currently has more than 850 unique vendor participants as well as over 300 clients benefitting from the “white glove” support and deep domain expertise of ACA’s dedicated vendor management office services (“VMOS”) team. ACA’s VMOS team, which has provided vendor management solutions for over three years, assists users of the Vendor Management Platform with uploading vendor data, prioritizing vendor relationships, and coordinating the completion of vendor due diligence questionnaire (“DDQ”) responses.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of ACA’s Vendor Management Platform include:

  • Optimized client-vendor collaboration;
  • Secure and user-friendly application;
  • More accurate vendor risk profiles through industry- and client-specific vendor DDQs;
  • “White glove” support from ACA’s VMOS team;
  • Reduced administrative overhead; and
  • Lower overall vendor management costs.

Benefits to vendors include reduced time and effort spent responding to client DDQ requests, allowing vendors to focus on servicing clients and improving their offerings.

Key Features

Key features of ACA’s Vendor Management Platform include:

  • Vendor Risk Dashboard — Provides at-a-glance insight into key metrics such as vendors diligenced, progress of DDQs, and identified risks;
  • Vendor Risk Matrix — Displays identified vendor risks and tracks all vendor communication and mitigation/remediation activities;
  • Vendor Registry — Centralizes vendor data in one location and allows for the easy initiation of vendor DDQ requests with ACA’s VMOS team; and
  • Questionnaire Status — Allows you to quickly view the completion status of vendor DDQs and on-site reports.

“We are excited to provide our clients with a next-generation vendor risk management platform,” said Marc Lotti, Partner at ACA Aponix. “By combining a secure and efficient technology platform with the dedicated ‘white glove’ support and deep domain expertise of ACA’s VMOS team, ACA’s Vendor Management Platform benefits both clients and vendors by reducing the overall amount of time, effort, and costs associated with managing the client-vendor relationship.”

ACA’s vendor management solution is accessible from the ACA Platform in conjunction with ComplianceAlpha®.

Complimentary Webcast - Demonstration of ACA Aponix's Vendor Management Platform

Join us on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 11 a.m. ET for a webcast demonstration and Q&A on ACA Aponix's Vendor Management Platform. The webcast will include a demonstration of the platform’s key features by Henry Lindemann, Director of Business Development at ACA Aponix, as well as a Q&A led by Lindsay Baker and Sara Laverick, Principal Consultants with ACA Aponix’s Vendor Management Office Services (“VMOS”) team. Register here

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For More Information

For more information about ACA's Vendor Management Platform, please contact at +1 (212) 951-1030 or contact your regular ACA consultant.