ACA Compliance Group Adds Payment and Fraud Risk Assessment Service

February 19, 2020

ACA Compliance Group (“ACA”) announced today the availability of its new payment and fraud risk assessment (“PFRA”) offering, which is designed to help firms identify and remediate vulnerabilities within payment flows in order to reduce the risk of costly fraud issues. The service is overseen by ACA Aponix® senior principal consultant Kamlesh Harry.

Before joining ACA, Kamlesh was an Executive Director at J.P.Morgan, where he led various teams across the firm’s technology, client support services, cybersecurity, and payment fraud functions for over 13 years. Amongst other key contributions, he was instrumental in developing controls for the EMEA Wholesale Banking payment platforms and accelerated the Cyber Security Education and Awareness program across their EMEA Corporate Investment Banking client base. Prior to J.P.Morgan, Kamlesh held positions within leading South African banks, overseeing regional technology, security and risk functions, successfully maintaining secure and stable business operating environments. He is a Certified Information Security Manager (“CSIM”) by ISACA .

Kamlesh is part of ACA’s team of highly experienced consultants, which includes specialists in payment fraud, cybersecurity, and technology risk from various industries, including investment management, banking, and healthcare. ACA’s PFRA offering includes reviews of clients’ existing systems, controls, workflows, third-party relationships, and technology dependencies to identify potentially exploitable vulnerabilities.

 “ACA Aponix strongly believes that a team built with extensive knowledge of payment fraud and other cyber risks will provide our clients with a unique, well-rounded approach to risk management,” said James Tedman, Partner at ACA Aponix. “Kamlesh will be instrumental in developing our PFRA offering and serving as an invaluable resource to our clients in helping them assess and protect their firm against payment fraud.”

About ACA’s PFRA Offering

ACA’s PFRA offering helps your firm better understand payment flow and fraud risk mitigation opportunities. Our solution provides end-to-end policy-aligned reviews of all your firm’s cash movements to identify potential fraud risk throughout the payment lifecycle. We perform evidence-based procedure reviews across your firm to help mitigate risks during subscription, drawdown, redemptions, staff, and vendor payments.

Our tailored service offering is customized for each payment type to provide an accurate assessment of possible risks. Assessments also include identity and access management, payment limits and cash control best practices for your electronic banking channels.

ACA’s team of highly experienced subject matter experts continuously monitor various sources to identify new fraud trends before they impact your firm. Our team includes specialists in payment fraud, cybersecurity, and technology risk from various industries, including investment management, banking, and healthcare.

For more information, or to set up a meeting to discuss how our PFRA offering can help your firm, contact Kassie Canning at or your ACA Aponix consultant. 

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