ACA Compliance Group Announces New Sexual Harassment Prevention Online Training

June 17, 2019

ACA Compliance Group is pleased to announce the continued expansion of its online training platform to include its newest course on sexual harassment awareness and prevention.

In recent years, the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace has come into the national spotlight, bringing with it a renewed awareness about the serious and unacceptable nature of this type of behavior and its implications for employers and employees alike.

New York State has long been committed to ensuring that all individuals have an equal opportunity to enjoy a fair, safe, and productive work environment. Laws and policies help ensure that diversity is respected and that everyone can enjoy the privileges of working in New York State. Starting this year, all New York State employers are required to administer sexual harassment training no later than October 9, 2019, and annually thereafter. This course was designed to meet the New York State requirements and is based on the New York State curriculum.

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Course Details

Our web-based training course provides firms with an effective and comprehensive overview of New York State’s laws and policies to help employees better understand what is considered sexual harassment, how to report sexual harassment in the workplace, and options for reporting workplace sexual harassment to external state and federal agencies responsible for enforcing anti-discrimination laws.

During the course, employees will learn about: 

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Retaliation
  • Supervisors’ Responsibilities
  • What to Do if Harassed
  • Additional Protection and Remedies
  • Sexual Harassment Case Studies

Consistent with New York State’s requirements, this course includes embedded questions throughout the modules. Completion is recorded for review and regulatory records.

Who Should Take Our Course?

This course is designed to provide a convenient, cost-effective method of providing general sexual harassment prevention knowledge to complement your internal compliance training programs. This course is appropriate for all employees at any size firm within any industry. All New York State employers should strongly consider deploying this course ahead of the October 9, 2019 deadline.

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