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One of the simplest ways a hacker can penetrate your network is via email using a tactic called phishing, or, in a targeted effort, spear-phishing.  Successful phishing, vishing (telephone-based phishing), and spearphishing can lead to ransomware, payment fraud, and other cyber crimes. The FBI has reported that people lost $57 million to phishing schemes in 2019. Learn how to identify a phishing attempt with this download:


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We deploy targeted email campaigns that are designed to test your employee’s ability to identify phishing threats. We use the results of our phishing tests as part of our staff security training, which covers phishing identification and other essential skills and tools for identifying threats and preventing data breaches.

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8 Ways to Identify a Phishing Attack

Identify threats with our 8 Ways to Identify a Phishing Attack guide.


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Learn more about recent phishing alerts and guidance on how to avoid phishing attempts.

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Strengthen your company’s security and defenses by educating your employees on cyber event prevention, detection, and response.

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