Cybersecurity and Technology Risk Assessments

Cybersecurity and Technology Risk Assessments

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As vital as it is to measure your company's profits and performance, it's equally important to measure its cyber risks to protect your business and data.


Our Approach


We provide cybersecurity and technology risk assessments that are designed to identify gaps and areas requiring improvement in your company's cybersecurity posture, as well as to identify technology-related risks.

We conduct an assessment across 700 topics to gain an understanding of your front, middle, and back-office technology operations.

Topics include:

  • GDPR gap analysis
  • Software development
  • Staff training
  • Vendor management
  • Infrastructure
  • Business alignment
  • Workflow and controls


How We Gather Data


  • Reviewing documentation and contracts
  • Interviewing key staff
  • Performing manual inspections of select desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
  • Reviewing server rooms
  • Performing a scan of your internal network

We present our findings as High/Medium/Low ranked issues, along with potential impact and recommendations.

our approach