Cyber Education and Awareness

Cyber Education and Awareness

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Your employees are your company’s first line of defense against data breaches and cyber events. Strengthen your company’s security and defenses by educating your employees on cyber event prevention, detection, and response. Our in-person and online training solutions are designed to educate your staff on how to identify cyber threats and prepare for a potential security breach. We’ll train your employees on a variety of topics including phishing, vishing, password management, responding to a cyber incident, and their role in meeting regulatory requirements.

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cyber awareness training

Cyber Awareness Training

Our training course provides a comprehensive review of cyber risks and ensures staff understand their role in protecting your company.

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cyber awareness resources

Cyber Awareness Resources

Cybersecurity resources, best practices, and tips you can apply both on and off the job.

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GDPR awareness training

GDPR Awareness Training

Our GDPR awareness training course is designed to ensure staff understand their role in meeting GDPR requirements.

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phishing testing

Phishing Testing

We can deploy targeted email campaigns designed to test your staff's ability to identify phishing threats and prevent data breaches.

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Tabletop Exercises

We can test your incident response plan to determine whether it will be effective in a real event.

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threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Stay on top of new threats through our regulatory and cyber alerts, paste site monitoring, and domain registration monitoring.

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Cyber Education and Awareness




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