ComplianceAlpha Cybersecurity Solution

ComplianceAlpha Cybersecurity Solution

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ComplianceAlpha's cybersecurity solution centralizes cybersecurity and technology risk management capabilities to help your company assess, identify, monitor, and understand risks in your technology infrastructure, cybersecurity policies, procedures, and controls.



Risk Matrix

  • See results of on-site risk assessments
  • See all identified risks, including related issues, descriptions, and action plans

Vendor Management

  • Access a variety of vendor data, including product lines, contracts, and performed diligence
  • Assess identified vendor risks, including ratings, issues, descriptions, and comments
  • Track completion status of vendor due diligence questionnaires (DDQs)
  • Review and sign off on individual vendors

Phishing Testing Administration

  • See results of deployed phishing campaigns
  • Send educational emails to employees regarding phishing campaigns

Cyber Awareness Training Administration

  • Send online training courses, including general cyber awareness and GDPR awareness, to employees
  • Track course completion status
  • Generate course completion status and quiz score reports

Network Testing and Threat Intelligence

  • Review network scans to identify vulnerabilities in your internal network and external perimeter
  • Stay up-to-date on potential threats via paste-site monitoring and domain registration monitoring
  • Send text messages to staff during business continuity events through SMS tool

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