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ACA provides bank asset management groups engaged in trust, custody, and investment management activities with risk, compliance and internal audit consulting services leveraging techniques used by banking regulators and industry leaders. ACA specializes in asset management, and its true value and competitive advantage is the breadth and depth of expertise at all levels of the firm including prior regulatory experience at agencies like the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC), Department of Labor (DOL) and Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

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ACA helps internal audit departments maintain their stature and credibility within their organizations by lending our experienced consultants to execute audit plans, including required annual fiduciary reviews. Our solutions fit any phase of the audit process including planning, fieldwork, wrap-up and reporting. ACA also supports first and second line risk and compliance professionals by helping them efficiently and effectively manage fiduciary risk.  

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Spotlight: Regulatory Focus on Performance for Banks [Webcast]

Regulators continue to focus on investment performance, whether it is from an advertising or reporting perspective, to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the data underlyiang the investment returns. In particular, banking organizations are seeing an increased emphasis on strengthening controls, risk management, and governance around performance calculation and reporting to meet applicable laws, regulations, and supervisory expectations. Listen to our on demand webcast focused on key regulatory trends and developments that banks should address in 2019.

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Regulatory Focus on Performance in Banks Webcast