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White Paper: A Practical Guide to Implementing the GIPS Standards

Compliance with the GIPS® standards is recognized as an industry best practice and has become a de facto requirement, especially in the institutional money management space, in order to stay competitive. A firm’s claim of GIPS compliance facilitates “apples-to-apples” comparisons between investment managers for prospective clients and fosters invaluable client trust.

Understanding Regulatory Requirements vs. the GIPS Standards

Investment advisers need an infrastructure for GIPS compliance that can survive an SEC examination. While there are many similarities between the rules under the Advisers Act and the requirements of the GIPS standards, there are also notable differences. Please join the panelists for a discussion of best practices to address both GIPS and SEC requirements.

Panelists will share a high-level overview of their experiences in tackling some of the regulatory and performance challenges around portability, mergers and acquisitions, and performance advertising.

FAQ: Pitfalls and Best Practices for Presenting Third-Party Performance

More firms continue to be implicated as fallout from the F-Squared Investments, Inc. enforcement action continues. The latest development occurred March 22, when a federal judge ordered that F-Squared founder and former CEO Howard Present personally pay $13 million, including a $1.58 million civil money penalty, following his loss at trial this past October. This is a direct result of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) increased focus on how advisers present third-party investment performance.

White Paper: GIPS Committees and Working Groups

ACA Performance Services is pleased to present, GIPS® Committees and Working Groups, a white paper summarizing frequently asked questions from a sample of our clients about GIPS Committees.

What's Inside?

  • Maintaining a GIPS committee or an informal working group

  • Application of a GIPS committee within startup firms as well as established global entities

  • Frequency of committee meetings

  • Committee meeting topics and activities